The Four C’s Of Credit/Collections & Accounts Receivables:

Here are some of the guidelines pertaining to the concepts that I utilize and they ultimately will improve the financial health of your Company.

Cash Flow Management: This process when handled properly will improve the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Credit Management & Risk Management: The emphasis will be on the procedures and the analysis of the accounts. As a proven Professional with over 30 years of experience along with a history of zero bad debt for over 7 years, my goal will be to assist the present staff or outsource your credit function or part of the function. The improvement in the credit process creates less exposure therefore improving the companies Risk exposure.

Collections: Collections for whole portfolios, individual accounts, litigation or difficult accounts. In addition I can put in place procedures, forms or give instructions to your present staff on how to improve their techniques.

Claims: Specialize in all types of claims: Small Claims Court, Federal & State Courts & Bankruptcies, Reclamation, Judgments and Liens along with dealing with the attorneys and trustees. In addition, Produce (PACA) formal and informal complaints and all Transportation claims which includes placement of the procedures. The success rate with transportation claims has been between 90-95% return.

If you need assistance with the invoicing, and procedures pertaining to Accounts Payables, Receivables, Customer Service, Shipping, Receiving & Transportation, year end Audits (or quarterly), cleanup of receivables and deductions (including prevention) please contact me.

– Katherine Schneider